Wedding Inspiration | Hen House Linens

A neighbor's daughter is getting married this summer and while we were hunkered down after Snowmageddon '16, she and I plotted out wedding details.

"I don't even know where to begin, Jenny!"  

A fire metaphor seemed timely. (It was cold up here!) I sang her the old camp standby, "It only takes a spark to get a fire going..."

Inspiration.  It can come from anywhere, but how it speaks to a couple of kids tying the knot can translate into a meaningful, one-of-a-kind, beautifully personal event.

Find that spark, then create an inspiration box.  I recommend a box over a board something digital.  Pinterest is great for ideas and direction, but nothing beats the tactile pleasure of ribbon, fabric, paper, silver, porcelain...  A box of goodies is portable and it will be easier to convey your vision to your event planner, florist, groom to be, chief check writer!  Word of caution...  Don't overload...  Curate. curate. curate.

We put this inspiration box together for our friend Kristi.  Her inspiration was a few pieces of amethyst and pearl jewelry.  The wedding was in historic Winter Park, Florida, so we decided to incorporate a bit of the roaring 1920's (a heyday in the sunshine state).  Vintage inspired textiles,  satiny ribbon, muted, mossy greens and an explosion of purple, lavender and aubergine.  It was a stunner. 

Gathering | A Bridal Tea

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something brewed...

Recently, a friend held a tea for her niece who is marrying this fall.  Invitations went out to all the women in her family: mother, daughters, sisters, cousins, aunts and, of course, Grandmama.  It was an opportunity for everyone to gather around the table and share stories about family weddings: the good, the bad and the ugly bridesmaid dresses.  

The table was simply set with our modern, yet elegant Palm Mineral cloth and coordinating ruffle napkins.  Bowls of hydrangeas cut and tied into bouquets served as the centerpiece and as a lovely takeaway from the day.  To help set the scene and inspire story telling, china and crystal dating back three generations (and borrowed from an aunt or two) was laid out.  And as a surprise, my friend's niece was given a china tea service that belonged to her great, great grandmother.  The tea and the tears flowed, the laughter and the finger sandwiches fed them and a new generation of matriarchs was begun.  

Wedding Season is Upon Us...


Patterned Potholders Perfectly Complement a Wedding & Shower Gift  

Wedding season is upon us. What better to way to set up a happy home for the grinning couple? Give them the gift of gracious living everyday. She's registered for a cutting board. Make it personal by adding a potholder or a set of cotton dinner napkins. How do you personalize your gifts? Not sure what to get? A Hen House Linens gift certificate let's her choose the perfect pattern.