Sacred Spaces | Warm-Up with Hen House Linens

Our National Sales Manager, Christina, recently asked, 

"What if we replace all of the textiles in our house with paper - bedding, curtains, towels, etc - the house would be a cold and uncomfortable place. Yet, this is exactly what we have done to our tables - the most sacred space in our home.  The table is the place where we come to fellowship with the most important people in our lives!  Shouldn't the table be the most warm, inviting, comfortable place in the home?"

Yes, Christina, it should!  

The simple addition of cloth table linens can do the trick.  Try it!

Table Linen Goals

A young friend came by the other day to borrow some linens for a big dinner party.  She is slowly building her own linen wardrobe.  I opened up my linen cabinet and she gasped.  All she could say was, "Linen goals."  

Ha.  Never imagined being hashtag worthy for my napkin collection.  #linengoals #napkinsquad (Too much?)

The Glamorous Side of Going Green | Hen House Linens

Going green does not mean giving up the glam.

Case in point, our dinner napkins.  Colorful, beautiful, and best of all... made to be used everyday.  What does that mean anyway?  They wash beautifully without losing shape or color and there is no ironing required.

Elevate your everyday.  Entertain with effortless style.  Make your family and friends green with envy because you are doing it right!



Cover your Bases | Hen House Linens Easter Tablescapes

We have your base covered!  Start with a beautiful cloth then layer with fabulous accessories from flatware to flowers.  

For this table, we used Greek Key Aqua as a "neutral" base. We invited each guest to bring a place setting of their favorite china.  We added gold chargers, antique silverware, Gracious Linden dinner napkins, gold accented glassware and bunches of hydrangea.  Simply lovely.

Winter Tablescape Details | Hen House Linens

A thorough post-holiday purge of Boy's World (my sons' living space) produced a large bin of, among other things too gross to mention, errant game pieces, lego bricks, spent Nerf rounds and a menagerie of plastic animals.  My youngest son, who just turned eleven, rather ceremoniously added his beloved animal collection.  Not really.  I made it a moment... "Are you sure???"  He responded, "meh," then pitched Ken the Grizzly Bear from five feet beyond the arc. 

He may have been ready to part with them, but not me...  Ken is settling into life on the preserve quite nicely.

Mama needed a drink after rescuing those precious beasts.

Mama needed a drink after rescuing those precious beasts.

Gracious Living Everyday | Courtesy of Ellen Allen

THIS is what I'm talking about.  Gracious living everyday.  My dear friend, Ellen Allen, texted me this picture the other day.  (Ellen is the owner of  Ellen Allen Annapolis, Inc, the handbag line that boasts "no matter where your day takes you, Ellen Allen Annapolis handbags help you get there with style and efficiency.")  It was Wednesday morning. Ellen sat down for tea with her husband, Don.  She set the table.  They have 2 young sons, a bodacious dog, and a dynamic business.  They are "crazy busy" and yet she elevated a normal Wednesday morning with the simple act of laying out a cloth and using the "good stuff".  Bravo, Ellen.  You never cease to  inspire me.

ps:  Ellen Allen Annapolis is running a great sale on her iconic Eastport Bag.  See her facebook page for details.  

Gathering | A Bridal Tea

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something brewed...

Recently, a friend held a tea for her niece who is marrying this fall.  Invitations went out to all the women in her family: mother, daughters, sisters, cousins, aunts and, of course, Grandmama.  It was an opportunity for everyone to gather around the table and share stories about family weddings: the good, the bad and the ugly bridesmaid dresses.  

The table was simply set with our modern, yet elegant Palm Mineral cloth and coordinating ruffle napkins.  Bowls of hydrangeas cut and tied into bouquets served as the centerpiece and as a lovely takeaway from the day.  To help set the scene and inspire story telling, china and crystal dating back three generations (and borrowed from an aunt or two) was laid out.  And as a surprise, my friend's niece was given a china tea service that belonged to her great, great grandmother.  The tea and the tears flowed, the laughter and the finger sandwiches fed them and a new generation of matriarchs was begun.