A Gracious Guest

pink and white hostess apron

         As a once, and hopefully future, resident of Hawaii, I have a special affinity for the pineapple. Colonial dame decor aside, I know how beautifully it symbolizes hospitality. It was a staple of my everyday…  the chunks of , fresh, slightly tart bites I cut up for my children each morning, the outlandish cocktails I served my mainlander visitors, the unexpected ingredient for a savory dish.

        Summer is in full swing and these days I am more often a guest of friends and family in beach-y locations.  Whether host or guest, to be gracious is  always welcome.  And my favorite hostess gift? Well… the pineapple I find at my grocers in Maryland leaves much to be desired, so I bring along a little something in our popular pattern that features a pineapple, which (not coincidentally) is called Gracious.

Here are some gracious gift ideas for your next trip:

green and white potholders and oven mitts

  • potholders or oven mitts for your foodie friend
  • cocktail napkins for the consummate entertainer
  • cocktail apron for the girl’s weekend get-a-way
  • guest towels to spruce up your brother’s dream place on the sand (That’s where I’ll be!  Thanks Brother.)


brown green and pink cocktail napkins brown and green patterned guest towels three series cocktail party napkins in green and blue copy

New Years Resolution


3…2…1…Happy New Year! If you’re like me, you love the promise of a fresh start that comes with the start of each year. Also, if you’re anything like me, New Year’s resolutions are not your forte. But even I can stick to them when they have to do with home décor. On that note, here are a few ideas for resolutions you can make (and hopefully not break!) for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home this New Year.

Resolve to…make it personal: I’ll admit it, I’m mad for monograms. Incorporate an extra-personal touch throughout your home by monogramming anything from pillows to cocktail aprons to placemats.

Resolve to…be a gracious host: Have guest towels on hand when there’s company – as beautiful as they are useful, these must-have linens can make anyone feel like the guest of honor.

Cooki's Aprons

Resolve to…have a happier happy hour: Out with the old and in with the new rings especially true when it comes to cocktails, in my opinion. Try garnishing drinks with spices like ginger or rosemary at your next dinner party or brunch.

Place a chic cocktail napkin beneath each glass for a sophisticated touch that will have everyone asking for refills.

Party Favors


Hostess Gifts & Party Favors Who doesn’t love a holiday party? Well, maybe the hostess, at least when the guests are gone and the clean-up begins. Give your favorite hostess one of these unique gifts from Hen House Linens to show how much you appreciate her perfectly-planned parties and impressive ability to mingle and make jokes while refreshing drinks.

Make it Personal Monogram a set of dinner napkins or placemats with the hostess’s initials for a memorable gift she can use at her next potluck party.

A Recipe for Successful Gift-Giving Layer sets of cocktail napkins in an elegant basket and tuck in the recipe for a drink you know she’ll love. Or, for the foodie hostess, pair a wooden spoon with one of our cozy oven mitts and slip in the recipe of your famous side dish that always has her coming back for seconds at your dinner parties.

Be the Perfect Guest… …by using our multi-tasking guest towels. Wrap a bottle of her favorite lotion or scented candle in one of our functional and fancy guest towels. Bring a bottle of her favorite wine, and tie a guest towel around it as a unique, aesthetically-pleasing cravat.