junque in my trunk

Each year our Presbyterian churchwomen host a junque sale.  Yes, with a "q".  Katherine (our Creative Director) introduced junque into my vernacular.  It's from her Dad, who loves to haunt estate sales and way, way deep in the country antique stores.  You get it, right?  He also claims to be a redneque, but that is a story for another time. There are so many "treasures" that mysteriously appear on the tables in our Parish Hall.  Unique junque like an Adam and Eve coffee mug with disappearing fig leaves when filled with hot water.  Klassi.   Yes, with a "k" and an "i".  This year, my afternoon of pitching in paid off.  I found a delicate porcelain swan terrine, an antique Fostoria punch bowl with cups and a gorgeous set of Limoge china.

I am starting to daydream about my Thanksgiving table and, by golly,  I believe my junque will be perfect!  I do want to funk the plates up a bit.  Maybe Garden Gate Ochre to really pop the gold trim?  I would certainly add some mossy green...  I think I will just leave everything out on my buffet, so each time I pass the dining room I will get a little more inspired. Also, it is all so pretty and I will be reminded of what a good shopper of deals I am.  I will keep you posted on my Thanksgiving tablescape ideas...

limoge china used everyday
limoge china used everyday
limoge plate found at sale
limoge plate found at sale

Winter Fruit | Pomegrante + Clementines

Winter can sometimes be a tricky when it comes to eating your fruits and vegetables.  Every meal doesn’t have to revolve around potatoes and onions until April. With a bit of advanced planning and creativity, it’s possible to eat fresh fruits and vegetables with plenty of nutrients and flavor all winter long.  These fruits are full of vitamin C and fiber--and they each grow throughout the winter.  Add a few to your winter salads or to your favorite libation.


Season: These beautiful ruby red fruits are in season from October through January.
Storage Tips: Keep pomegranates in the refrigerator for up to two months, or at room temperature for one to two weeks.
How to Eat It: A sprinkling of pomegranate seeds adds some tart, bright flavor to a winter kale salad or to your favorite cocktail.


Season: Citrus fruits grown in warm climates are ripe for picking between late October and March.
Storage Tips: Store citrus in the refrigerator for a few weeks, or at room temperature for up to four days.
How to Eat It: Just peel and eat!



Not many companies produce boxes made of 100% recycled materials.  Most use a proportion of re-used and new material to make the boxes.  We are proud to share that we have partnered with Future Forwarding Logistics and Pratt Industries both based in Atlanta, GA to provide our company with 100% recycled boxes.  What is even more gratifying is that these boxes are being made from our own used packaging.  That’s me and Katherine throwing our used shipping cartons into the shredder.  Just one more step to help us all go a little greener…


Get set to go greener...

greener living cotton dinner napkins

cotton cloth breakfast napkin lunch napkin casual cotton cloth colorful cotton dinner napkin 

Replacing paper napkins with cloth at each meal is one small way you can get a little greener.  Sounds great, right?  But when it comes to actually making the switch, you get tripped up by the notion that cloth napkins are just too hard to incorporate into your everyday routine.

To the paper pushers, I say, consider this:

Take it one meal at a time.  Try replacing paper with cloth at dinner.  Elevate your everyday.  You spent time preparing that dinner (even if it came out of a box) and a cloth napkin signals to everyone that the meal and the time to together is to be savored.

A generous stack of cloth napkins takes up less space than a single roll of paper towels.  And, you aren’t throwing them away after one quick use.  (Cloth napkins are prettier too!)

Reuse!  For those afraid of having more laundry with which to contend, you should know that cloth napkins can be used several times before needing a wash.  At our house, each person is assigned a napkin in a favorite color.  My friend uses assorted napkin rings for each family member.

Meal time is not a photoshoot.  Your table setting does not have to be perfect or pristine or pressed.  A good quality cloth napkin should wash and wear well.  You can iron when company comes.

It just feels better.  Softer.  More inviting.  You won’t miss paper at all.

Out to Lunch

Eco-friendly lunch with reusable napkins and containers  

In an effort to cut down on it's carbon footprint, my son's elementary school has asked that lunch boxes be packed with re-useable containers and water bottles. I like that he is not growing up in an environment where every last morsel of food is contained in a plastic baggie. And, to do my part, I will be stepping out and adding a cocktail napkin to everyone's lunch box (including my husband). I'll report back on how many actually make it back home--fingers crossed!

How is  your school going greener?