Saturday Swoon | John Besh and the perfect Father's Day meal

Trout amandine

Trout amandine


John Besh, chef, author, TV show host...he is as passionate about family dinners as we are.  In an interview years back he floated the idea:  sitting down together is so important that if you can't fit it in at dinner, find another time.  Breakfast?  Lunch?  but make sure it happens. For Father's Day last year he proposed another lovely idea.  Instead of treating Dad out to a restaurant, make something amazing and share it around the best table in the world:  your own. 

HERE he gives us the recipes for a perfect meal

ADVICE FOR NEW MOTHERS: Don't give him this...


For 15 years, I've been giving the father of my children horrible Father's Day gifts.  No excuses.  I'm just bad at picking the perfect gift for this man.  When I asked him to recount a few, this sweet guy couldn't remember any...except this one.... t-rex-t-shirt


I'm not kidding.  I bought him that.  This year I have promised not to buy him anything.  Remembering this "gift" had me giggling all week so I asked around to see to if any of my friends have had temporary lapses in judgement.

Denise won't take credit for this next one but she's happy to throw her sister under the bus:  ORVIS JEANS {ok, they were flannel-lined but still.}

orvis jeans sized

Lee-Ann still cringes when she thinks she actually included a note:  "So you can say this to me more often.":

sorry sized

And another friend reluctantly admitted she gave her husband a cane.  OUCH!


And DON'T give this:  Romantically themed gifts certificates.  For instance:  "Get it, when you want it, where you want it", "Breakfast in lingerie."  "Fondling in out-of-way locales."  Don't write checks your butt can't cash.

I heard from  a few folks that have occasionally picked a "present" she wants.  Down mattress pillow top.  Urban jeans and pocket squares (you know you like to see him looking good.)  Dinner for Two at a great restaurant.

My mother always used to say, "they aren't born fathers."   True, but they surely do try hard.  This year I'm giving love and support.  And NOT these {as tempting as they may be}.

sweetsized  hat sized


But maybe this: