Elevate The Everyday Challenge | Hen House Style

Sitting down to a meal with a cloth napkin elevates the everyday. 
People sit up straighter, listen better, linger longer (our words). Try it for yourself. For the next 30 days add a napkin to your nightly table ~even if just for a few times a week~ and see the impact on the people who join you. 

Saturday Swoon | John Besh and the perfect Father's Day meal

Trout amandine

Trout amandine


John Besh, chef, author, TV show host...he is as passionate about family dinners as we are.  In an interview years back he floated the idea:  sitting down together is so important that if you can't fit it in at dinner, find another time.  Breakfast?  Lunch?  but make sure it happens. For Father's Day last year he proposed another lovely idea.  Instead of treating Dad out to a restaurant, make something amazing and share it around the best table in the world:  your own. 

HERE he gives us the recipes for a perfect meal