Elevate The Everyday Challenge | Hen House Style

Sitting down to a meal with a cloth napkin elevates the everyday. 
People sit up straighter, listen better, linger longer (our words). Try it for yourself. For the next 30 days add a napkin to your nightly table ~even if just for a few times a week~ and see the impact on the people who join you. 

A Family Can Gather For Breakfast | Egg Cups

Our data manager, Kathleen, has been on a breakfast tear these days.  Her husband Kevin is currently deployed.  Kathleen knows that sitting down as a family to eat a meal is the easiest way to keep her family feeling connected, cared for, and "normal" during their father's absence.  She also fiercely believes a healthy breakfast is the best start to the day.  Sometimes, her busy schedule as a "single Mom" makes sitting down for dinner impossible so she makes sure her family eats breakfast together everyday.  Here's a taste of what Kathleen is putting on her table for breakfast.  I'll keep you posted when she shares more of her creations.

Egg Cups

So easy!  I have them every morning for breakfast, sometimes with fruit, sometimes with breakfast cookies, sometimes solo.

Cheddar Spinach

2 cups frozen spinach thawed

1 C shredded cheddar, or cheese of choice.  I shred my own to avoid the cellulose

Liquid egg whites (can use whole eggs as well).

That’s it! For this version at least.

I thaw the spinach and shred the cheese. Mix them together.  I also add ¼ C nutritional yeast.  Spoon the mixture into silicone muffin cups, and top with egg whites.  Couldn’t be any easier.

Bake is 350 oven for 30ish mins until the egg sets.

I keep mine in a Tupperware in the fridge, and heat 2 in the microwave for 45 seconds in the morning.

Other additions I’ve tried – avocado (YUM!), tomatoes, turkey bacon (another YUM!).  It all depends on what you prefer in your eggs

Table Linen Goals

A young friend came by the other day to borrow some linens for a big dinner party.  She is slowly building her own linen wardrobe.  I opened up my linen cabinet and she gasped.  All she could say was, "Linen goals."  

Ha.  Never imagined being hashtag worthy for my napkin collection.  #linengoals #napkinsquad (Too much?)

Everyday Intention | Hen House Linens

Take the time to eat, people. Refuel and recharge.  Each time I come to the table, I try to do so with intention.  I want to use this time wisely, whether I am alone or with friends.  I sit. I listen. I rest. I enjoy.  I find a pretty napkin sets the mood, grounds the practice and focuses my intention. 

Breakfast.  Lunch.  Dinner.  


You Do It Best | Table Inspirations

I am thrilled to see (and always impressed with) the tables that Hen House Linens customers dress for holidays, special occasions and everyday.   Here are a few pictures I have received in recent weeks. If you need a little inspiration, take it from these guys.  Mix, match, layer, LOVE.  Rest assured, no matter how simply or elaborately you style your table, those who gather will appreciate the effort and feel fussed over.  Happy gathering!

Send me your pictures!  jdavids@henhouselinens.com

Cover your Bases | Hen House Linens Easter Tablescapes

We have your base covered!  Start with a beautiful cloth then layer with fabulous accessories from flatware to flowers.  

For this table, we used Greek Key Aqua as a "neutral" base. We invited each guest to bring a place setting of their favorite china.  We added gold chargers, antique silverware, Gracious Linden dinner napkins, gold accented glassware and bunches of hydrangea.  Simply lovely.