Saturday Swoon | Housekeeping + Halloween + Hen House Linens | 2015

Am I late to the game on this book...either way, tidying has been life changing.

And I am loving these spooky but modern Halloween decoration here.

Eliminating a weird, office funk with our ginger soy candle. It smells hither notes of smoky tobacco leaf and a perfume of oriental spice, perfect for Fall.


Gracious Living is about creating a warm and welcoming space to gather with the people you love. A lovely top-note of the freshest scent adds yet another layer of comfort.

The Evans Guest House Candle Collection introduces our five fabulous colors for spring and arrive with a specially crafted scent for a total immersion in the glory of spring. Our candles are hand poured in the United States by specialty candlemaker, Annapolis Candle.

Orchid is a lovely bouquet of wild lavender gathered with green cucumber and sage, with delicate touches of chamomile. As welcoming as fresh cut flowers in a guest room, entry hall or powder room.

Navy’s rich and woody notes serve as a base to a clean crisp fusion of herb and amber. It is at ease in your living room. You know, so your ship don’t stink.

Grass calls to mind the aroma of freshly cut grass intermingled with orange and sandalwood. Perfect for the sunroom or porch. Warm carefree summer days are just a bare foot away.

Mineral is your daily dose of salty sea spray, ocean elements and fresh water lily. Good for the body and soul. Soothing therapy for the bed or the bath.

Persimmon invokes tropical notes of papaya, peach and creamy coconut paired with the unexpected ingredient of this bright fruit. Let it simmer in the kitchen or breakfast room to refresh after a meal.