BACK TO SCHOOL | Then vs. Now

I'm re-running this blog post because it seems to grow more relevant as each new school year launches.  Enjoy!

Anna, my best friend from FOREVER ago, reminded me that I bought school lunch everyday AND cleaned my plate regardless of the type of vegetable it featured or tin can from which it came.  (It only cost $1.25 and "included milk!" my mother would rave.)  She also sent me the link to this very funny Scary Mommy blog.  We could rock those culottes!  (I see Victoria Fedden omitted Deviled Ham as an alternate sandwich choice back in the day.  Maybe Deviled Ham was saved for weekends or special occasions at her house.)

NEW SCHOOL YEAR RESOLUTION: healthy lunches everyday (mostly!)

Yellow and white cotton dinner napkin

The start of school  snuck up too fast this year.  The speed of which summer passed was made abundantly clear when I cleaned out my son's book bag ....from last  year.... the night before the first day of school this year.  Regardless of how rushed I feel, I am trying to start this new school year with a commitment to make healthy, colorful lunches which are enticing enough to eat.  I'm starting with their favorite foods.  However, a boy cannot live on turkey wraps alone so I will soon be tapping into our Hen House pinterest boards for further inspiration.

Blue and white cotton dinner napkingreen and white cotton dinner napkinyellow and white cotton dinner napkin monogrammed

Last year, my good friend, Kate, pointed out that a cloth napkin tucked in  a lunch box made her children feel like they were taking a piece of home with them on their independent school-day journey.  I hope so!  and I hope the napkin serves to remind my children of our goal to be greener as a family.

One might wonder if a lovely napkin could "wander off" at school.  Not a chance if they are clearly marked.  I can't take credit for these adorable monograms.  (One of my neighbors is clearly trying to out-Hen the Hen!)  Colorful, comforting, healthy - the recipe for a good lunch.