Easter Traditions | 2015

The Easter traditions in my home revolve around the table.  Baking (or buying more often now) hot cross buns, serving lamb with mint jelly.  Oh, and the eggs...  deviled, chopped for salads, cracked, peeled and dipped in sea salt and pepper.  My grandmother's asparagus aspic.  Don't ask, it is as questionable in taste as the name suggests.  My cousin, Walker, called recently to see if I had a copy of the asparagus aspic recipe.  We waxed nostalgic over Easter egg hunts in my backyard, cracking open a creme egg just right, and going to Church dressed as China dolls with little white gloves, frilly socks and a hair ribbon to match a brand new dress.  Walker has my grandmother's China and she loves to use it at Easter.  It has a sweet little floral pattern.  I suggested she update the whole affair with some new linens.  She loved the idea and added her own touch, a simple monogram.   I love the notion of adding a new layer of tradition at the holidays that is especially poignant during Easter.  A nod to what has come before and a fresh start for what is to be.