Gracious Living Everyday | Courtesy of Ellen Allen

THIS is what I'm talking about.  Gracious living everyday.  My dear friend, Ellen Allen, texted me this picture the other day.  (Ellen is the owner of  Ellen Allen Annapolis, Inc, the handbag line that boasts "no matter where your day takes you, Ellen Allen Annapolis handbags help you get there with style and efficiency.")  It was Wednesday morning. Ellen sat down for tea with her husband, Don.  She set the table.  They have 2 young sons, a bodacious dog, and a dynamic business.  They are "crazy busy" and yet she elevated a normal Wednesday morning with the simple act of laying out a cloth and using the "good stuff".  Bravo, Ellen.  You never cease to  inspire me.

ps:  Ellen Allen Annapolis is running a great sale on her iconic Eastport Bag.  See her facebook page for details.