The Mother of All Things

Mother.  We all have one and we are all one.  I know Earth Mama, Hot Mama, the Mother of all headaches, Mother May I, MILF, Mama Pajama, Mom Jean, Yummy Mummy, Mommie Dearest, Mother Goose, Yo Mama, Drama Mama, DogMa and Mamma Mia.  And, not a single one of them has ever given birth.  

To be a mother is to nurture.  It's about planting good seeds and watching a tender young thing grow and blossom and become strong enough to stand on its own, so that it may in turn give.  

To all that have raised up beautiful spirits, animals, gardens, businesses, communities, other people's children, and me... I am humbled by your grace, fortitude, and innate drive to cultivate.  

Word to your Mother.