12 Days of Christmas | Inspired Tablescapes | Hen House Linens

On the 12th day of Christmas…  I always unpack a set of vintage Danish tiles depicting said days.  I inherited these funky mid-century treasures from my grandmother.  I normally display them in the corner cupboard in my dining room.  However, the beautiful blue, ginger and gold tones absolutely screamed “TABLESCAPE ME” this year.  And as we have introduced new patterns in the gorgeous trio of Vixen/miidnight blue, Fandango/camel and (12 drummers drum roll please) Turtledove/ginger, I could not NOT.  Turtledove, quite right.

Here are five golden rings to help you build your own inspired tablescape.  

  1. Start with a treasure.  A collection of special ornaments.  Beloved Christmas china. Advent wreath.  Nutcrackers.  Porcelain figurines.  Let these pieces be your inspiration.  I took cues off my tiles for color, style and theme.  Above all, your treasure on the table instantly makes your tablescape feel personal and inviting.  It will make people want to linger, swap stories and enjoy time together.  Really!

  2. Layer in real linens for texture and visual interest.  Nothing is more special.  I don’t care how cute the paper napkins and table runners are, they cannot match the tactile richness of cloth.  

  3. Pull in other elements as “supporting players” on the table.  Nutcracker collection?  Put out small silver bowls of whole pecans or walnuts.  For this table, I got literal.  I added a silver tree and mercury glass bird that normally reside on my mantel.  To reflect the gold shimmer, I added more vintage looking mercury glass votives.  

  4. Keep floral easy to add or swap out.  I keep my table set for all of Christmas (not just the 24th and 25th); therefore fancy floral as a centerpiece is not going to keep up.  To add the all important element of nature, consider preserved greenery or a live plant arrangement.  Orchids, poinsettias, ivy topiary or small evergreens are all lovely and long lasting.  (Just don’t put anything on the table that has a scent--ugh!)  For this table, I simply cut some nandina branches that I can easily replace throughout the holiday.

  5. Don’t go crazy over the top.  Set a table that makes people want to gather around it.  If it is too fancy, it will look too nice for sharing a meal, which is NOT THE POINT.  


An inspired tablescape has style + substance and when you can make it your own WITHOUT MUCH EFFORT then you can dedicate more time to those people that really make the season bright and a partridge in a pear tree.