Barn Dance | Summer Entertaining | Hen House Linens

My neighborhood knows how to put on a party.  We live on the Severn River in Maryland and share a community dock and shelter where we like to gather as soon as the weather gets warm.  One of the best parties we throw is a barn dance.  And we do dance.  Want to shake up your next neighborhood get together?  Close down your cul-de-sac, fire up your grills, hire a square dance caller and get to getting.  Promenade!  

Here's how we do it.

FOOD: Fixins Bars!  Hot Dogs, Taters and Popcorn with all the toppings you can imagine!  Inexpensive, easy to prep for the masses and a gloriously fun mess of deliciousness.  Dessert is an easy to eat crisp served in individual mason jars.

DRINK: Set out big tubs of ice and have everyone stock with their favorite beverages.  We have several neighbors that are home brewers and love to share their hoppy experiments.

DECOR: Gussy up picnic tables and benches with cloths.  Throw a few tablecloths on the ground and on hay bales for upscale picnic dining.  Simple arrangements of wild flowers, twinkle lights and clever signage for the fixins' bar finish off the look.  Oh, and cow bells.  You need more cow bell. 

Do-si-do it!