HAPPY ACCIDENTS: behind the scenes

ruffle colorful napkins

colorful cotton table runners lovely stack of ruffle napkins monogram ruffle guest towel Our photographer, Lee http://lkphotography.com/ , sneaks in gorgeous candid shots when we are photographing our linens.   It's my favorite part of opening our photography galleries after we finish a shoot.  She can't help herself.  Runners in a crate, just in from the hauling.  A stack of napkins on a chair in the corner awaiting their turn.  A guest towel hanging over a chair, post ironing.  The mundane become lovely and uplifted when she captures and composes.  I came across these as I was preparing the introduction of our new Mallory Cottage Collection.  (oops!  did I just spill the beans?  Available October 1.)   I'll try to remember to share more as I find them.  They make me happy.