Hen House Linens | On the Road

From our Creative Director Katherine Poole

I like to bring my work with me when I travel during the summer.  Not really.  But I do bring a stack of cloth napkins along any time I am on the road, checking into vacation homes or visiting friends.  Easy to pack, easy to wash and brings a lovely touch of home along with us.  From our picnic basket packed for an outdoor movie at the North Carolina Museum of Art, to family week at Holden Beach, to our upcoming road trip to New England to visit friends in Maine, the Pooles will be packing Hen House.  

Road Trip Tip: assign each person a napkin and dish towel for long car trips.  It actually cuts down on spills and keeps mama chill.  I have even been known to give my boys a placemat for their laps.  We like to pack a cooler with snacks and easy pick up meals so we don't have to make as many stops along the way and the placemats help contain food and keep clothes clean.  Less mess, less stress.