Easter Bunny Cake | Hen House Linens

From our Creative Director

Apparently my mother and mother in law read the same popular homemaking magazine in the early 1970's.  This magical confection was a part of the Easter tradition for both of our families.  And so it is for our children as well.  Simple to construct and a true labor of love to decorate for all ages.  I know because we have 40 years of jacked up looking bunny rabbit cakes to prove it.  

Make it as easy (box mix, "oh the horrors...") or as hard (real buttercream frosting) as you like. A few years back, I purchased smaller cake pans so that I could get 2 whole bunny cakes (one for each kid or grown up) out of a single recipe.  And, for the love of all things Easter, DO NOT micromanage the decorating!  Get your own cake, boss!