Sunday Supper | Gather | Summer Entertaining

From our Creative Director, Katherine

Sunday Supper.  A gathering of 160 neighbors and friends to celebrate the beginning of summer. A beautiful and inspired reminder that nothing is more important than gathering with the people you love.

So, how did we pull it off?  It is simpler than you think.

First, I got my committee together.  My committee consisted of marvelous Martha, my friend and just the kind of boots on the ground co-host you need.  Martha handled the pre-party logistics and I took care of the details.  Beautiful division of labor.  

Next we sent out an enticing invitation that let our guests know exactly what to expect.  Here are the deets we included:

1.  We are having a sit-down dinner served family style.

2.  We are planning a menu and will assign each guest/couple a dish to bring from that menu.

3.  Each guest/couple is responsible for bringing their designated dish plated on a serving platter that evening.

4.  Each guest brings a plate.  No paper.  Break out the good china!

5.  Guests bring their own booze.

Martha and I rented chairs, tables, stemware and silverware.  We also provided serving utensils.  We prepared our menu, then emailed the recipes out to the guests.  We made sure that we had enough main dishes and salads to cover all the tables we set up.  One chicken, one orzo salad and one strawberry salad for each table.

Here is the menu:

Appetizers: Pickled Shrimp and Bacon and Goat Cheese Wrapped Apricots

Dinner: Rosemary Lemon Chicken, Roasted Vegetable + Orzo Salad, Strawberry Salad and Crusty Bread

Dessert: Pound Cake

All recipes were easy to prepare and could be served at room temperature.  No need to get fancy.  

The day of the party we got down to business.  With the help of some great friends and our own husbands and kids, we set up the tables, we strung a few lights, we clipped hydrangea and magnolia from our yards and we iced up coolers and tubs.  It was a production, but came together so easily because we kept it simple.  Nothing more than beautiful tablecloths and napkins to welcome our friends to the table.

As guests arrived, our waitstaff (our kids and their buddies), directed guests to place their dishes on the table and join us for cocktails.  Then at the appointed time, we said grace and sat down to Sunday Supper.

It was a memorable evening and so much more meaningful than the usual neighborhood get together.  It is because we sat down together to break bread.  Conversations were deeper.  New bonds were formed.  Laughter and joyful faces lit up the night along with the lightning bugs that showed up as if on cue.

Here is a peek at how it all came together.