Boat bar

We are finding a number of clever ways to serve drinks this summer.  Here are a few of our favorites! The repurposed boat at a beach party.  We cheated the space with blocks of ice, then added the drinks followed by bags of ice. ("What is 'I'll sail again'?" you ask.  It is a favorite term of local sailors meaning, "I'll have another.")

summer drinks drinks in boat Bar in boat

Drink dispensers are a must.  We like to stick to "serve yourself" in the summertime so making drinks in batches helps keep the party going.

summer drinks on pretty cloth                                                     Dark and Stormy prep

Spreading out the drink stations keeps things flowing, too!

good drinks for summer

DIY dock bar1

Lastly:  GALVANIZED TUBS.  (What are your clever ideas to class them up a bit?)

interesting summer drink set up color summer bar Keg holder summer party