succulent arrangement

fall succulent floral arrangement

gorgeous fall centerpiece I scored these great looking urns on a recent scavenger hunt at our local antique store.  I was on a hunt for inexpensive silverware to fill out my eclectic mix for entertaining the masses over the holidays.  No silver at my price point, but the sweet little urns filled with succulents were.  The dusty greens, reds and purples felt so autumnal, I knew I needed them as a centerpiece for my table.  I also needed them looking adorable on my deck, so I decided to put together a centerpiece in this great slate trough I have.  The trough is the perfect vehicle for a centerpiece because it is long, low and narrow.  It fills out the table without taking up precious table setting real estate and the view of the person across from you is not obstructed.

I picked out a selection of succulents in various sizes plus some ferns and sweet air plants for texture and, well, flair!  First, I added rocks to the bottom of the trough.  Then I simply removed the plants from their pots, shook a bit of dirt off to loosen the roots and placed them directly over the rocks.  Succulents love all that breathing room!  The sweet air plants went in last because they tuck in so easily, fill in the gaps and they don't have to touch the soil.  Bonus!

Low maintenance and lovely.  Those are arrangements I like to make.

diy thanksgiving table

centerpieces for thanksgiving floral arrangement for the Thanksgiving table

simple fall centerpiece

greenery for the table

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