Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

Sororities sometimes get a bad rap.  Exclusive, privileged, catty... This was not my experience at all.  While it may have been forced social camaraderie, it was also an introduction to a group of women I might not have had the pleasure of knowing because we were part of a large student body at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (Go Heels!)  Intelligent. Funny. Very. Good. Citizens.  Or, as we said back in the day, "Interested and interesting."  The friends that I made in college are among my closest friends to this day.  And, one of them I talked into launching Hen House Linens with me.  These women are the inspiration behind the line.  Katherine and I have an incredible network of women.  They have served as models,  sounding boards, cheerleaders and test markets!  In fact, our last photo shoot took place at the home of  a sorority sister who just happens to also be our insurance agent!  Chi Omegas mean business.  

This month, we had the pleasure of sharing the spotlight with some other sisters who are doing it for themselves in the pages The Eleusis, the Chi Omega Sorority Magazine.

 And if you still don't believe that Chi Omega's are rock stars, check us out on Halloween night 19XX.  Jenny is Cindy from the B52's and Katherine is Elton John. (Not pictured: Kate and Kiki Dee.)