Saturday Swoon | Favorite Mom Blogs

A few of our favorite Mom bloggers…click the image to visit blogs.  Enjoy.  xo

Overall, embracing the highlights, the downfalls, the humor and humility involved in raising children.
— The Ma Books
My name is James Kicinski McCoy. I was born in a small town on an Indian reservation in South Dakota. At the age of two my mother and I moved to Trinidad, West Indies with her family and frolicked along the sandy beaches until moving to Boulder, Colorado when I was four. After growing up with many different hometowns, going back and forth from cities and states, and the numerous stories and memories that each place holds, I ended up here, in the music city of Nashville, Tennessee. I have a wonderful, supportive husband and four beautiful children. I spend my days surrounded by family, working from my home office and trying to bake fresh bread somewhere in between.
— James Kicinski McCoy
hello, and welcome! i’m naomi (also known as taza) and this space is where i share bits and pieces of my family’s adventures in new york city. i love celebrating motherhood, family, travel, good food, and life’s simple joys.
— Naomi Davis