Punch Up Your Porch Party

colorful punch

Kitcschy cocktails are de riguer this summer and that is fine by me and my not-so-fine-wine.  The key is to keep it simple (and flowing) by mixing it right in the pitcher.  No shaking, no blending, no muddling (well, maybe after a few of these…)   fall porch party green and orange fall porch party table settings

    Porch Party Punch

     Serves 8

             3 cups of blueberry-blackberry juice blend

             2 cans of frozen mojito mix

             2 bottles of chilled club soda

              1 ½ cups white rum

               3 sliced limes

               1 (12 oz.) package of frozen blackberries

              Fresh mint sprig for garnish

 Combine ingredients in a pitcher, stir, add mint for garnish, and serve over ice. Can be made non-alcoholic         with ginger ale.