Old + New | Hen House Linens

All of our photoshoots take place in the homes of our friends.  We bring the linens and plenty of props, but we also incorporate table and glassware that belongs to the homeowner.  And that is where all the magic happens!  We planned weeks in advance to use this aubergine and camel color palette for this shoot.  As we were setting up, I asked Maureen, the homeowner, to show me her china.  And there, hiding behind some serving platters were these amazing dinner plates.  The story: The plates were given to Maureen by her mother in law.  They are the plates with which her husband, Richard, grew up.  Richard's mum wanted him to have a little bit of home with him.  He's British and the china is manufactured in his home town.  

And darn if they did not make this tablescape come to life.  Maureen was blown away.  She admitted she never used the china because it felt dated.  Not anymore!  

Use what you have.  That is the key to a beautiful table.  Not fancy flowers or foofy decorations.  It's the special plate, the inherited flatware, the delicate stemware.  It's the stuff that you love, that has meaning to you and those that gather around your table.  Pull it out, dust it off and build a tablescape around your beautiful things.