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I was honored recently when Kelly Smith, creator of The Nourishing Home and author of Everyday Grain-free Baking asked if she could feature on her blog our family of linens as well as my favorite entertaining tips.  Kelly and I met when she was working on her book.  I wrote about our collaboration here. Her readers share our value for sitting down and enjoying the good food we have thoughtfully prepared for our families.  Below is an excerpt from my recent talk with Kelly.  You can find a fuller discussion + entertaining tips + a timely discount for her readers on Kelly's blog The Nourishing Home


Kelly ~ "One aspect of Hen House Linens that I especially admire is your heart for simplicity and beauty in the everyday.  I've really noticed a difference in how our family dinners go when I take a quick minute to set the table with your cheerful linens.  Can you share more with us about your passion for bringing families back around the table?"

Me ~  "We live in a time where food matters.  More and more people no matter where they are in life are embracing better eating.  We are putting more thought into what goes into our bodies so why not put more thought into how it is presented.  It is as simple as this.  You put time into preparing a meal (even if it is opening a box of gluten free granola and adding greek yogurt and berries), so why downgrade the experience by serving it with a paper towel?  Paper towels are disposable.  Our meals should not be.  Our time with the people we live with (partners, families, roommates) should not be."

I am gratified to hear Kelly tell that she finds her meals go better when she simply sets the table.  I find this true in my own home.  I know I am not alone.  I hope you find the same pleasure in yours.