NEW SCHOOL YEAR RESOLUTION: healthy lunches everyday (mostly!)

The start of school  snuck up too fast this year.  The speed of which summer passed was made abundantly clear when I cleaned out my son’s book bag ….from last  year…. the night before the first day of school this year.  Regardless of how rushed I feel, I am trying to start this new school year with a commitment to make healthy, colorful lunches which are enticing enough to eat.  I’m starting with their favorite foods.  However, a boy cannot live on turkey wraps alone so I will soon be tapping into our Hen House pinterest boards for further inspiration.

Last year, my good friend, Kate, pointed out that a cloth napkin tucked in  a lunch box made her children feel like they were taking a piece of home with them on their independent school-day journey.  I hope so!  and I hope the napkin serves to remind my children of our goal to be greener as a family.

One might wonder if a lovely napkin could “wander off” at school.  Not a chance if they are clearly marked.  I can’t take credit for these adorable monograms.  (One of my neighbors is clearly trying to out-Hen the Hen!)  Colorful, comforting, healthy – the recipe for a good lunch.