Mama's Lemonade












A severe thunderstorm knocked the power out in my neighborhood for a very long day. Packs of hot, restless, unplugged kids roamed our steamed streets scrounging gallons of thawing ice cream. By dusk a huddle of grown-ups gathered on my neighbor's porch to catch the hint of a breeze. Someone bemoaned the kids having all the fun... where was our ice cream that had to be eaten? We found our answer in a pitcher of Mama's Lemonade and we joined the children eating ice cream for supper.

Summer is fleeting. Stormy or steamy, make the most of it...

Mama's Lemonade (aka Yes, you MAY have ice cream for supper!)

1.5 ounces of Bourbon (don't waste the top shelf sippin' stuff for this recipe)

1 ounce triple sec

4 ounces lemonade (don't skimp on the lemonade. You need the tart and the sweet to balance the bourbon)

Fresh mint.

Combine liquids and stir well. Pour over a glass of ice. Crush a few leaves of mint between your fingers to release the oil, then add to the glass. Garnish with sprig of mint.