Pomegranate Valentines cocktail love

Our office gal and resident newlywed, Christina, submitted this blog: I'm not often sentimental, so I was surprised when I found myself all giddy to buy Bryan a Valentine's Day card that had the word 'husband' on it!  I was bummed when I found out he would be away with work on Valentine's Day, though, so I decided to celebrate a few days early.  When he came home last night, I had this simple (key word here) drink concoction waiting for him with some fresh cupcakes.


  • Bottle of champagne or sparkling wine (1 or 2 you never know!)
  • Fresh pomegranate juice (thanks Whole Foods for this awesomeness)
  • Pomegranate seeds


I know, nothing outside the box, but it classed up our night and was a fun break in the middle of the work week!