friends picnic in park

from our Creative Director, Katherine Poole I recently had the opportunity to attend a pop-up picnic.  You buy a ticket for a lovely packaged meal, then just hours before the event, you are e-mailed the secret location.  Our evening was set in a beautiful rose garden in a nearby park.   Kari and Kendall brought the wine, Jenn handled the cooler and the corkscrew and our dear Elizabeth drove.  Naturally, I brought the linens.  Awash in color and propped up by comfy pillows (we ain't spring chickens, you know), we felt down right decadent.  Kendall wondered when the dowager of Downton Abbey might make an appearance.

Simple, yet delicious food, excellent company and a special setting.  I think I'll be popping up again and again on my own.  And right now is the perfect time, so pop on up yourself.

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