I am the Hen. (That's me in the gold apron.) What began as an unflattering nickname from childhood (that for some reason my siblings still find unabashedly hilarious) has come to define me. Proud. Mother. Provider. Nester.

As a native of North Carolina, I was raised in a tradition of sociable southern hospitality. A neighbor stopping by to bring plump tomatoes and a bushel of mint from her prolific garden was an occasion for Daddy to prepare juleps. The ice-cold silver tumblers were served at the aluminum patio table set with Mother’s starched linen tablecloth and napkins. This simple gesture made an ordinary gathering delightfully memorable.

Nothing defined the experience of living everyday with grace more than our family gathering around the table to share a simple meal. It was a tradition I coveted, but could never quite pull off. I carried this notion through my career as a naval helicopter pilot and as the perpetually uprooted wife of a Marine. With three active boys and a husband constantly in flight, I found simple yet elegant entertaining too much effort. (Where did Mother employ those industrious little elves to press all her linen napkins?)  Why couldn't I just keep beautiful, easy-care linens on hand for everyday living? Why I could not? Such a thing did not exist.

So, I decided to start as simply as my mother had… with a napkin.

And from that napkin, I drew the inspiration for Hen House Linens. Joining me in this endeavor as our in-the-Hen-House designer and creative director is my dear old friend and college roommate, Katherine Poole. (Yep, that's her in the scarlet apron.) Together we have cooked up a line of informal yet stylish, everyday table linens.  And, I get to satisfy a personal desire to bring back the tradition of the cloth napkin and with it effortless, gorgeous entertaining.

Please drop in on us anytime. We are always home and look forward to opening the Hen House to you. We'll be sharing new designs and products, creative decorating ideas, divine inspiration for entertaining, and all along the way we'll show you how to create a warm and welcoming, easy and comfortable space for those who gather around you.

It's a little something-something we call gracious living everyday.


Jenny Davids, the Hen