Henry throws a Halloween Party

Step 1. Mom scares up some spooky Halloween decorations and puts all this cool stuff on our porch.  I picked out the tablecloth because it is orange, which is Halloween-y.   Then I help her by going next door and jumping on my neighbor’s trampoline.

Step 2.  The tricks and treats!  We made ghoul aid.  Get it?  I taste everything to make sure it was not poisoned by the mysterious pirate zombie that lives behind our shed.

batman drinking.JPG

Step 3.  Costumes!  Who should I be?  Batman?  Yeah.  No, wait… Spiderman.  Nanh.  Batman.  Batmom secures my suit, so my muscles don’t bust out

Step 4.  Wait for all my friends!  Ninja dude, Scooby Doo, Ironman, and some princess.  Boo!