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From Katherine, our Creative Director...

I always begin the new year in hibernation.  I close the door to my personal space and get my hermit on.  In part, it is a righting mechanism to balance out all of the hub bub (and bubbly) that is the holiday season.  As I get older and my people require less of me, this hunkered down period has become a time of rediscovering my happy places.

This year my happy place is collecting recipes.  I am one of those people that finds the narrative of a good cookbook more compelling than any work of fiction.  I laughed and cried my way through Sarah Foster’s new cookbook, Foster’s Market Favorites.  It has a biscuit on the front that is so beautiful it hurts. And I am currently devouring Huckleberry, written by L.A. restauranteur and darling chef du jour, Zoe Nathan.  The post-it note flags are flying all through those pages.  

I also have friends that are amazing cooks. We regularly share our own go-to favorites.  The problem is remembering when Jenny J. sent her green goddess dressing and where I stashed it in the ether.  A thorough search through email, a printer and a reliable old-timey 3-ring binder with page protectors has me set with a month’s worth of supper ideas at my fingertips.  (Scroll to the bottom for the aforementioned goddess-worthy dressing.)

Then there is my mother.  I made her pinky promise that she would start writing down our classic family dishes on some actual, for real recipe cards that I gave her for Christmas.  I have a small stack of cards she made for me when I graduated from college and was starting out on my own.  I cherish them and that familiar handwriting is the most beautiful art I own.  Time to collect more art.   To view a treasured piece in my collection, scroll down.  And also, this is the best cornbread recipe ever.  EVER!

Beginning the new year in a happy place makes more sense to me than resolutions.  I have never been good at keeping promises with myself.  I cheat at solitaire!  I prefer to get reacquainted with a bit of myself and this year’s bit has been baked in a buttery crust and bubbles over with savory goodness.  

Our buddy Huck is Hunkered in solidarity.

Our buddy Huck is Hunkered in solidarity.

Small person sent by consortium to spy on crazy dictator who banished all children from Kitchenland.

Small person sent by consortium to spy on crazy dictator who banished all children from Kitchenland.

Green Goddess Dressing (adapted from Hugh Acheson)

1 teaspoon chopped anchovies (I use paste for convenience)

1/4 cup parsley

1 tablespoon fresh chives... or tops of green onions which I always have around

1 teaspoon fresh taragon

1 teaspoon fresh thyme... I cheat only on this herb, and use dried

1/2 cup mayo

1/4 cup whole milk yogurt

1 tablesppon champagne vinegar

1 juice of half lemon salt and pepper

Put all ingredients in the food processor and blend. 

Note:  I triple this recipe, and add a lot more fresh herbs than are listed, but in this proportion.  Enjoy!  I know I just did with a pint of cherry tomatoes.  I am going to be hating it later!