easy summer lovely meal with napkin

This Saturday morning.  Everyone was home.  Lovely run of weather.  Nowhere to go.   Husband happily ensconced with the Peet's (coffee) and the Post (Washington).  All that was missing was bacon. It started innocently enough with bacon fried up for BLT's later in the day.  Then came scrambled eggs with chives from my garden. Next came the teenagers, lured from sleep by the sizzle.   Finished off with slices of almost over-ripe cantaloupe.   I arranged the food on a large platter and set a simple table on our porch.  I arranged the family around that table.  We sat.  We ate bacon.  We read.  We woke up.  We ate more bacon.

Get them to the table.  It might be a random Saturday.  It may need to involve bacon.  It never needs to be complicated.