A Gracious Guest

pink and white hostess apron

         As a once, and hopefully future, resident of Hawaii, I have a special affinity for the pineapple. Colonial dame decor aside, I know how beautifully it symbolizes hospitality. It was a staple of my everyday…  the chunks of , fresh, slightly tart bites I cut up for my children each morning, the outlandish cocktails I served my mainlander visitors, the unexpected ingredient for a savory dish.

        Summer is in full swing and these days I am more often a guest of friends and family in beach-y locations.  Whether host or guest, to be gracious is  always welcome.  And my favorite hostess gift? Well… the pineapple I find at my grocers in Maryland leaves much to be desired, so I bring along a little something in our popular pattern that features a pineapple, which (not coincidentally) is called Gracious.

Here are some gracious gift ideas for your next trip:

green and white potholders and oven mitts

  • potholders or oven mitts for your foodie friend
  • cocktail napkins for the consummate entertainer
  • cocktail apron for the girl’s weekend get-a-way
  • guest towels to spruce up your brother’s dream place on the sand (That’s where I’ll be!  Thanks Brother.)


brown green and pink cocktail napkins brown and green patterned guest towels three series cocktail party napkins in green and blue copy