Get set to go greener...

greener living cotton dinner napkins

cotton cloth breakfast napkin lunch napkin casual cotton cloth colorful cotton dinner napkin 

Replacing paper napkins with cloth at each meal is one small way you can get a little greener.  Sounds great, right?  But when it comes to actually making the switch, you get tripped up by the notion that cloth napkins are just too hard to incorporate into your everyday routine.

To the paper pushers, I say, consider this:

Take it one meal at a time.  Try replacing paper with cloth at dinner.  Elevate your everyday.  You spent time preparing that dinner (even if it came out of a box) and a cloth napkin signals to everyone that the meal and the time to together is to be savored.

A generous stack of cloth napkins takes up less space than a single roll of paper towels.  And, you aren’t throwing them away after one quick use.  (Cloth napkins are prettier too!)

Reuse!  For those afraid of having more laundry with which to contend, you should know that cloth napkins can be used several times before needing a wash.  At our house, each person is assigned a napkin in a favorite color.  My friend uses assorted napkin rings for each family member.

Meal time is not a photoshoot.  Your table setting does not have to be perfect or pristine or pressed.  A good quality cloth napkin should wash and wear well.  You can iron when company comes.

It just feels better.  Softer.  More inviting.  You won’t miss paper at all.