Get Crafty with Mom

mother's day yellow and white cotton dinner napkins

Do something fun she did with you.  We are never too old for craft time.  I have fond and funny memories of making potato stamps with my mother.  (Some of our works could have populated a Pinterest Fails Board.)

  1. Cut your potato in half
  2. Sketch out a quick design on the face of the potato
  3. Use a pairing knife to cut away the sides, leaving your design raised
  4. Dip potato design in paint or ink and stamp away


This project aims to step the game up a notch.  Cut your potato stamps into shells or flowers.  Go geometric with a quatrefoil or chevron design.   Stamp on a heavy piece of textured cardstock.  Your local craft store will have a cool selection of papers, stationeries and tags to choose from.   For this stamping, I used watered down acrylic craft paint.  Make place cards for Mother’s Day brunch.  Make tags for hostess gifts.  Make notecards she can use to write you a thank you note for being such a thoughtful kid and bringing back such wonderful memories.  You were always her favorite.