Everyday Grain-Free Baking | Saturday Swoon

Last spring, I received a fortuitous phone call.  It was from Kelly Smith, author of the informative, creative, and inspiring blog, The Nourshing Home .  After years of living with chronic pain and discomfort, Kelly was diagnosed with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.  While the diagnosis was hard to swallow at first, it has proven to be a blessing for her.  Growing up in a family that gathered often and with plenty of FOOD; particularly yummy, cake-y, sugary food, she was determined to find and create recipes that took her back to those wonderful memories.  Thankfully, she decided to share what she has learned with all of us.

Kelly is a kindred spirit and was drawn to our bold, cheery designs and more importantly our message of gracious living everyday.  Gather those you love around you and make meal time a moment to savor. 

Kelly asked if we would partner with her for the preparation of her book, Everyday Grain-Free Baking.  We were thrilled.  And it is as inspiring to read as it is beautiful to flip through.  The book has just been published and I feel lucky not only to be part of its yummy pages but also to learn from Kelly.  I have long believed in the benefits of reducing the amount of grain  in our diets and for those serious about getting out the gluten, this book is a perfect start.  She lines up strategies for success like having all your ingredients at the ready, sorted, sifted, and chopped.  She also recommends her Pantry Essentials: the ingredients to always have on hand and at the ready.  Then there are the recipes.  Innovative, intriguing, mouth watering and nourishing.  I can’t wait to get cooking and get grain-free.

You can check back in with Kelly at The Nourishing Home next week and enter her grain free giveaway.