Eating Well | Inside and Out

We have pledged to eat better in 2015.  Doesn't January always start this way?  But this year will be different.  With so many choices and resources to choose from, it shouldn't be so hard to implement a little healthy eating each day.  We decided to start with breakfast and are loving Nature's Path Organic with greek yogurt and fresh berries for the "inside" to include hemp, organic chai and buckwheat (don't tell our kids!).  Our favorite is Qi'a Cranberry Vanilla.  Their products can be found in the organic section of your grocery story and their site offers a variety of delicious recipes. 

And as far as the "outside" of your eating well, we love how Nature's Path Organic perfectly stated it by saying, "It’s often said that we eat first with our eyes, a perfect case for serving breakfast…"   We believe that a beautifully set table will not only be beautiful to the eye, but will also help you slow down and linger a little longer with those who are most important to you and focus more on eating well.