Christmas Color Trends

Happy Holidays from Hen House Linens Of course, every swatch in our versatile collection of easy-to-use home accessories is a winner in our eyes, but there are a few patterns in particular that are wildly popular for the holidays. So, curl up with a cup of cocoa, put your gift wrapping on hold, and have a look at the most festive designs for your guest towels, napkins, pillows, tablecloths, etc…

Devine Scarlet

Ornamental Scarlet

Grand Fleur Gold & Grand Fleur Silver

Devine Scarlet – These sweeping white curlicues against a backdrop of deep red are the perfect accent for your pillows, and add a winning combination of elegant and comfortable to your living room couch.

Ornamental Scarlet – Reminiscent of vintage holiday ornaments, tablecloths featuring Ornamental Scarlet add a festive touch to any meal.

Grand Fleur Gold & Grand Fleur Silver – You can’t get more elegant than gold or silver, which makes it clear why these patterns were winners this fall. As an apron or a placemat, a pillow or a guest towel, Grand Fleur Gold and Silver will dazzle in any room.