christmas brunch

The Christmas morning come-down.  The present opening frenzy is over.  Mounds of wrapping paper, piles of presents, empty coffee mugs, short-circuiting young ones... your people slowly come down off the morning's high and realize they are hungry.  Very hungry.  I learned early on to be prepared.  Have a breakfast that is easy, filling, healthy.  (You have to balance out the leftover cookies Santa didn't eat).  

My go-to is a simple roasted vegetable frittata.  Serve with whole grain bread, yogurt and good farmer's market granola and fruit.  I serve the meal on a simple, yet festively set table.  It's one more reminder that each meal we share together is a time to celebrate.  And, it signals to everyone gathered around the table that it is time to put down the electronics, legos, presidential biography, dollies and pogo sticks (great Christmas present, by the way) and give thanks for one another.