Break Bread Together

Casual table linens for outside dinning

I believe that sitting down together with your people at the end of the day is important for our collective health and well-being. (So passionate, that I started a company to inspire it!)  Re-connect + Un-wind.  Even if it is just for 20 minutes over take-out, the simple act of being together, with our families, friends or flat-mates, makes us present in the moment.  Reflect on the events of the day, small and large.  Re-charge your batteries.  Renew your faith in humankind. (Okay, maybe that’s a stretch over pizza and chicken wings.)


I do know this.  The busier I am, the more meaningful this becomes.  Set the table, sit down and just be.



Chevron cotton cloth tablelinens purple cotton table linens Brown cotton table linens