“You don’t have to have a glittering chandelier.  You can use other people’s china.  And you don’t even need a home for a fine party.  You can host our party at a nearby boatyard or other unlikely venue.”

–Robert Haywood, Annapolis Home Magazine

So right you are, sir.  And to show you just how easy it is to pull off, the ladies of the Creative Tide here in Annapolis threw ourselves a little party!

Start with the table.  Put down a beautiful cloth with cloth napkins.  Keep your floral simple, fragrance free and low so guests aren’t overwhelmed by scent or obscured from one other from exploding foliage!  Invite guest to bring china from home.  It sets a gorgeously eclectic table and serves as a conversation starter.

Pull in your favorite objects.  Use the upholstered bench from your bedroom as extra seating or the antique urn from the garden as an ice bucket.  It will completely change up the space.  For our get together we substituted an old buoy for a chandelier and used an antique wheelbarrow as a bar cart.  Lanterns set on the floor provided ambient lighting and really helped set the tone.

Throw your shindig in the garden or in the park near your house. who says the dining room gets to have all the fun?   Our Creative Director, Katherine Poole has rearranged the furniture in her living room to accommodate a table in front of her fireplace for a cozy dinner party.  For our get together, we borrowed space at the Port Annapolis Marina.