Between the Lines

One of the nicest compliments I have ever received was from a dear friend from graduate school who once told me that she would like to crawl inside my brain and live for a day.  She thought it would be a very interesting place to be.  I was reminded of that story the other day when the Hen asked me to write a little something about what inspires me.  "People are interested in where you get your ideas for designs."

Okay...  The answer is everything and everywhere.   The End.  Fin.

Perhaps a better way to answer the question without sounding flip would be to explain how I process  what inspires me.  Everyone finds beauty in unexpected places.  The inky blue of a favorite pair of jeans.  The pattern that a jewel reflects on a surface when the sun hits it just right.  When those moments present themselves, I am compelled to capture and collect them, then filter each one through a machine in the base of my brain that makes connections.  

Connections that draw a line from a color to a pattern.  Inky blue to a spray of glittering dots.  Funky.  Fun. Stardust Indigo.   A mood to an aesthetic.  A cool, dusty gray-blue to a Palm Beach inspired print.  Breezy.  Classic.  Palm Mineral.

It's a bunch of meaningless adjectives and images that only make sense when layered together, because I can read between the lines of an Art Deco turn of the century motif and color outside those lines with a palette of dreamy color.  Nouveau Orchid.

It's my thing.  I can't balance a checkbook, organize a protest, or perform brain surgery, but I can find the perfect pattern and color to represent them all.  

design machine math

1 pair of favorite jeans + spray of diamond sparkles =

Stardust Indigo