A week in the life


a week of gracious living. our creative director, Katherine Poole is always getting up to something. here's a snapshot of last week's "something."

Monday I like to pretend I have chickens, so I go to my friend Rena's. Today she let me keep the haul! Returned home to play around with samples of our new fall colors! Sneak a peak of Garden Gate ochre. Yum.








Tuesday Switched out my fall pillows for spring. Wondering when I will get around to doing the same in my closet. Decided to polish silver instead (yes, I am the weirdo who likes this) and catch up on the latest episode of Mad Men. Daydreaming about Hamm and eggs.

Wednesday Gorgeous Day. Met my son at the bus and walked down to the neighborhood park with some buds to read. Glorious.

Thursday My neighbor Kate has a beautiful garden. I offered up my children as cheap labor. She will pay us in cukes, zukes, squash, okra and tomatoes. In anticipation, I am testing out cooking methods. So far, roasting wins.

Friday Relaxing with friends. Watching paint dry, oops, I mean baseball. Jameson, in her jaunty scarf, is just as enthused as me.

Saturday It's Clair's birthday. Picnic lunch. Pesto chicken wrap. Roasted veggies with aoili for dipping. Hippie chips (some sort of all-natural, roasted in the sun stuff that tasted like cardboard). Icy cold beers. Whoopied pies. Whoop-de-do!