A Case for Travel

Southern Lady, JULY/AUGUST 2012

The lazy, hazy days of summer... that's a big ha!  This has been my summer of send-offs!  A cousin is moving to New Zealand, a niece is studying abroad, a neighbor is marrying in just a few days.  My 3 sons backpacked with their father in the Sierras, 2 nephews graduated, 1 girlfriend went to "camp" at  the Institute of Culinary Education

in NYC.

When I saw that Southern Lady had asked the talented floral and event designer Trish Land to come up with a centerpiece for a bon voyage gathering, I was over the moon (which is the only place I don't have someone traveling to)!  So clever, so timeless, so perfect an expression of how the spirit blooms from our passages in this life and how lovely it is to send our people out into this world.