Blood Oranges

Lee, our intrepid photographer, was playing around with some color palettes recently.  The addition of the blood oranges was inspired and inspired me to ask, what do you do with a blood orange?  Lee shared her favorite ways to peel away the mystery.  First of all, it's supercharged.  The pigments which give it a red hue are also antioxidants, which is uncommon for a citrus.  And yes, it is just like those found in berries and red wine.  Super Food!  Her boys simply peel and eat, but the sometimes tart profile may be a bit too much for certain palettes.  Lee likes to use them for salads.  Cut up and tossed with fennel and greens or paired with a goat cheese and nuts.  The juice is fabulous for vinaigrettes as is the zest.  Blood oranges also add a festive touch to a cocktail.  Delicious in sangria or mixed with vodka and a splash of soda.  Zesty!