make thanks the finishing touch


My friend Emily needed help throwing a “grown up” Thanksgiving dinner, so she called upon me for help.  Click here to read more.  As she is hosting several families of the toddler set, it is important to her to incorporate some elements that reflected old family traditions as these young families begin some of their own.  On the menu, we included her Nana’s apple pie and her husband’s favorite green bean casserole.  On the table, we are using a pair of heirloom candlesticks.  But, her favorite tradition was something her mother used to do.  She would put a glass on the table and fill it with strips of paper and pencils.  Throughout the meal, the family would jot down words or phrases and add it to the jar.  At the end of the meal, her father would read them all.  That tradition reminded me of something I had seen recently… a thankful garland.  Words printed on small strips of paper and attached to twine or ribbon.  We decided it would make a wonderful centerpiece.   Emily simply typed out a list of “thankful” words and printed them on small address labels then folded over a pretty piece of ric rac.  Old traditions renewed while new traditions unfold.

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